Whimsical Smiles from Old Junk Piles

Now you can own, gift-give, or donate a one-of-a-kind handmade, outdoor sculpture created entirely of recycled throwaway materials.

Each piece is date-authenticated, numbered and signed by the artists. Each is brightly splash-colored and made to last a lifetime of bad weather!

And what other artists do you know whose outdoor works are on display and look like new—year after year—in Great Britain's rain and fog, in Moscow's ice and snow?

Perk up your yard, garden, patio, porch, deck, dock, poolside, mailbox, home, greenhouse, walkway, driveway, fencing, entrance hall, or favorite tree with your own exclusive 2nd Time Designs piece of original artwork . . . and watch every visitor smile!


Whimsical and fun? You bet! In fact, you may need to duct tape the corners of your mouth if you want to keep from smiling as you approach Judy and Lou Hagen's Recycled Metal Art Sculptures studio behind their Millsboro home on Rt. 24 in salestax-free Delaware.

It's a straight 15-minute drive southwest on Rt. 24 from Rehoboth's Route 1 McDonald's and the famous Route 1 shopping outlets in Rehoboth. An actual life-size pair of mother-daughter giraffes ("Norma" and "Lola") that protrude from atop a cluster of driveway shrubbery out front, greet art collectors, shoppers, browsers and many passing photographers.

Some of Our Work