About Us


None of the Hagen's sculptures are quick-fix creations. Even with periodic painting help from Judy's Mom, 88 year-old Hazel Keen, who visits every couple of weeks from Morgantown, PA, many 2nd Time Designs sculptures take literally hundreds of hours to create. Lou does the welding. Judy does the painting. Both do the creating and all the in-between steps.

Lou Hagen learned welding in high school and developed that skill into metal sculpting over the years. Much of what the Hagen's use for raw materials needs to be scraped, bucket-rinsed, sand-blasted, grinded, filed, sanded, and sprayed even before welding . . . and long before painting, with two coats of metal primer, two coats of enamel, decorated with oil and watercolor paints, then protective-car finish coated. Each finished piece is numbered, signed, dated and has a certificate of authenticity. And each sculpture has a story…just ask!

For many years we have teamed up as long-distance truckers, hauling produce from farms to processing plants around the country. We began designing and building our art metal sculptures in 1999 as a creative outlet and a change of pace from life on the road. These days summers are devoted to the highways and winters are spent in the studio.

We don't do many shows because our pieces are large and take a lot of room to display. Most of our work is sold from our home. We have no open hours or even a sign outside, but the curious stop in anyway. Word of mouth and the repeat collector keep us creating. To sell a second piece to someone is so rewarding. We get a lot of people that come to add to their collection after receiving a piece as a gift.

Our Work on Display

Some of the places our work can be seen:

Delaware Folk Art Collection
Children's Guild School
Alfred I. duPont Hospital


Folk Art International
First Place - Dover Art League

Our mailbox is on the cover of
National Rural Letter Carrier